This directory contains historic distributions of 
Gurbalib 0.41 and later.

For current versions of Gurbalib (0.50 and later) see


Gurbalib is a lightweight mudlib for DGD 1.3 and later.

It was originally developed for DGD 1.1 by Fudge and
converted to DGD 1.2 experimental by Nullinfinite,
Cerihan and Aidil.

Thanks to its size and simple design, Gurbalib is very
easy to learn. Also due to its simplicity it is a very
nice environment for those who want to learn more about
mudlib coding.

Gurbalib includes features such as:

- MudOS/FluffOS style verbs and command parsing
- Rooms, npcs, weapons, armour and all the typical game objects
  you'd expect in a traditional mudlib
- Guilds, races, emotes, channels and many more game features
- Ansi colors
- Intermud 3
- FTP server

See the included documentation for copyright and license information.


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