Way of the Force
A list of frequently asked questions:


Q: Way Of The Force eh?
A: Most things on this mud have to do with 'using the Force', which should
tell that this mud uses a universe based on StarWars

According to many who played for long enough to get an impression of the
mud, it is the first StarWars mud they played where using the Force really
makes sense, and the system of Force techniques is quite addictive.

see 'help force' for more information.

Q: So what about planet x from the movies or books, is it there?
A: Usually not, in a few cases it is. We use a timeline far after the movies
and most books, and the StarWars universe as created by George Lucas serves
as backstory and inspiration, but few if any of the places and characters
from it will appear on the mud. There where they do it is in a historic
context. This mud is fan fiction, not an attempt to retell the existing
StarWars stories in a mud.

Q: So what StarWars things do you have then?
A: We have Jedi and Sith and the Force, and the rules of physics and behavior
try to immitate the StarWars universe. Much of the playing here concerns
the Force and how it is used, and how and for what you use it is the most
important aspect for your possibilities to become one of the Jedi or Sith.


Q: Can I get the prompt to display my health?
A: prompt '%h> ' will do this. Note the single quotes, they will make sure
spaces in your prompt definition will work correctly.
It is suggested you turn off hfrep when using health display in your prompt
because a new prompt will be displayed whenever your health or force changes
when you have %h in your prompt.

A: How to find things I can kill?
A: Use the consider and query commands.
Consider only works reliably for the first 4 levels, after that it
usually underestimates you and will say that you can't kill things
while in reality they are quite good kills. Consider does not have
any cost for usage.

The query command uses force points, but gives you a lot more, and
more accurate information. You will have to train using this command
because it is strongly skill based, and you'll have to learn to judge
the output of the query command.

Q: Is there a way to see how much experience I am getting from things?
A: Usually not beforehand, tho the query command can give you an indication.
When you add a %x to your prompt, it will display any xp difference since
the last time a prompt was displayed.

Q: Is there a 'wimpy' feature?
A: Yes, use 'charsetup' or the wimpy command to enable it.
The default when enabled is to flee when you get below
20% of your max hitpoints.
The wimpy command allows you to change the percentage, but
setting it higher then 20% will come at an XP penalty, see
the score -v command for how big this penalty is. See help
wimpy for more information.

Q: Can I save my equipment when I quit?
A: Everything in your inventory is saved for now. This will change
somewhat in the future (there will be a fee for this)

Q: Does this place reboot or otherwise destroy my stored equipment?
A: No

Q: Is there an autoloot function?
A: No
Soon you will be able to buy a droid that can do auto looting for

Q: How about teaming?
A: There is an easy to use yet quite advanced teaming/party system
here. Note that wimpy mode works differently when teaming, see
help team for more information.

Q: How do I become a Jedi?
A: Do good, get strong, get experienced, and maybe someday a Jedi Master will
ask you to become his or her apprentice. There is no use in seeking out the
Jedi, they will find you.

Q: How do I become a Sith?
A: Do evil, for the rest see 'How do I become a Jedi'

Q: How does that transporter on Zone work?
A: Enter it, and press (or push) the button for the Zone you desire.

Q: How do I get that damn singer to help me?
A: The singer can do a few things for you:
'say singer, help' or 'ask singer for help':
This will make the singer enhance your healing for a while
'say singer tell about ' or 'ask singer about :
This will make the singer explain about a subject. Ask him about
subjects to get a list of all subjects he knows something about.

Q: Can I change my default login location?
A: No, you will always login where you left last time.
If you are lost and want to return to a starting point, use the
recall command.


Q: Does this mud support ansi colours?
A: Yes, use 'charsetup' to enable it, and use the 'colour' command
to configure colours for different uses.

Q: What makes this thing run?
A: DGD 1.2p4 with networking kit, with on top a 'kernel' and 'system'
library mostly witten by Aidil. On top of that runs a heavily modified
and partially rewritten derivate of the Kobra mudlib, which in turn is
a heavily modified derivate of the ancient lpmud 2.4.5 lib. Besides work
by Aidil, Kalten, Serena and Izz, the lib also uses the work from Tenser,
Thufir, Exodor, Camelot and some others from Kobra (kobramud.org)

Q: Do you need coders? builders?
A: We need people with a lot of experience with both DGD kernel development
and lpmud derived libs. We are currently not needing builders, but if
you are interested in doing some research into theme related issues for
us that would be more then welcome, please contact Aidil in-game either
by tells or by mail for more information.