Way of the Force
2018-03-30 - New website

Added mudlist/mudinfo functionality, new 'modern'
look and pulldown menus.

2016-07-20 - Hardware failure

In the night of friday 15th to saterday 16th, we
experienced a crash on both disks in the disk

On tuesday 19th a backup was restored. All changes
between Friday 0:43 (UTC) and Saterday 0:44 are
lost, your character has been reset to the state
of Friday 2016-07-15 0:43 UTC.

2009-01-11 - Your favorite Zone 1 critters are back.

2008-09-14 - Changes to droids

You will notice droids behaving more properly, ie,
they will no longer use the Force (some did, most
didn't), and drop a wreckage instead of a corpse
when killed/destroyed.

2008-08-24 - localtime support fixed

Your timezone will be used again for things like
comms channels, the time and uptime commands etc.

The planet Bastion has been re-added to the game.

2008-08-23 - Hardware failure

In the night from friday 22th to saterday 23rd,
we experienced a hardware failure (power supply).

As it turned out, there was also a bug in the
state dump/restore code, which means we had to
restore an older state. Everything has been reset
to how it was on 2008-08-17 at around 23:00 CEST

The bug in state dump/restore has been fixed.

2008-08-18 - New helpfiles

Many of the helpfiles have been updated, thanks
to Nullinfinite

2008-08-17 - Major driver and lib updates

After a long time, and a lot of work, we moved
to a new version of the mudlib, and with that
also a new version of the DGD driver.

The new driver and lib have exposed a number of
bugs in the game, and will likely continue to do
so for quite a while. When things don't work,
be patient, we'll fix them for sure.

Some known issues:
- Timezone support is currently broken.
- Bastion is currently not available.
- The npcs and some items on Zone 1 are missing.
- Anything you had in your inventory before the
upgrade is gone, sorry, nothing can be done
about this. Your stats, credits and bank account
are still there.

2007-11-09 - Second hand shop added

A shop dealing in second hand items has been
added to the commercial area on Zone 4.

2007-11-07 - New wield/remove commands

The wield and remove commands have been changed to
support double wielding and double handed weapons.

The old syntax still works, but they have many new
options and better understanding of language..

wield knife in left hand
wield cannon in both hands
wield sword and dagger
wield saber 2
remove all armour
remove everything
remove left saber
remove saber from right hand

2007-10-24 - DOS attack

Due to a DOS attack on a machine in the datacenter
where WOTF is hosted, our network connection is
having a lot of lag. This should be resolved later
during the day.

2007-10-22 - Upgrade to WOTF kernel 0.60 and lib

This fixes a series of minor bugs, and opens the
way for wielding multiple weapons.

2007-10-14 - Yavin 4 and the Jedi temple added.

The Yavin solar has been opened for players. In
it you will find the moon Yavin 4 with on it the
temple of the New Jedi Order.

2007-10-02 - Various fixes and changes.

Bug in mail when replying, original mail was not
quoted correctly. Also, a small bug in the time
display when replaying comms channels was fixed.

2007-09-25 - Small changes to comms/tell/say replay.

The times used in replay of channels, tells and
say will reflect your local time now if you have
set an offset with the tzsetup command.

2007-09-24 - Changes to alignment.

Quests that you do for your order have a long
term effect on your alignment now.

2007-09-12 - Free recall on death.

When you died, you can use the 'recall' command
without penalty.

2007-09-09 - Say replay

comm replay can now also replay things said in
your environment by typing 'comm replay say'

2007-09-07 - Race dependent attributes

Your attributes now depend both on race and on
your level.

2007-09-03 - Lightsaber changes, changes to monsters

There have been some changes to the lightsaber, the
first thing you will notice is that the blade has a
colour now. Different colour sabers have slightly
different properties. Also, at level 15, sabers will
automatically activate, and at level 20, an auto-
activated saber will also automatically deactivate.

Many monsters on the Zone surface area have knowledge
of the map, can sense nearby players (identical to a
player using 'sense') and can follow their enemies.

2007-08-30 - Date/time support added to Zone surface

This will mostly be noticable in the form of seasonal
changes to rooms and the occurance of weather effects.

2007-08-28 - New area added to Zone

A very large new area for low and mid level
players has been added to Zone. It is accessable
from Zone 2 and largely replaces Zone 1.
This area is 888 rooms large, and you are adviced to
get a map for it from the Imperial command bunker in
the base on Zone 2 (also reachable from the new area
for players over level 6)

2007-08-24 - Auto removal of inactive characters

Starting today, characters will be removed when
not logged in for too long. The formula for this
is level based, see 'help removal'

2007-08-23 - New newbie guide available

New players will now get a guide that will give them
information and directions.

2007-08-14 - Inventory saved between sessions

First of all, the FAQ has been updated, 'help faq'
to read it.

You will now login at the place where you logged
off last time. A new command has been added to allow
you to return to a starting location. See 'help recall'

Your inventory will be saved between sessions now,
this means you do no longer have to go drop all your
items in your storage room.

Note that the force shield (use focus) will collapse
on quit, but your force bubble will stay.

Also note that there will be a few changes to this
system still and that preserving items will come at
a time based fee in the future most likely.

For now, enjoy the feature for free while it lasts.

2007-08-06 - New force technique

All players have a new force technique called sense.
It will give you some information on nearby life, at
the price of a little bit of concentration each time
you move.