Way of the Force
Using the force

Using the force is usually done with the 'use' command.
Using the force drains your force points (fp). Just like
hitpoints, those will regenerate over time and by using

Which techniques are available to you depends on your level as
well as on things you discover during your adventures here.

The use command will tell you which techniques you can use.

A general discription of the generally available techniques follows:


alpha : weak, low cost, level2
beta : somewhat stronger, skill dependent, level 8
gamma : much stronger and more expensive, skill dependent, level 16

Beams are considered 'evil' and will move your alignment to a
specific negative one, the more powerfull the beam, the more
extreme the alignment it will move you to.


quicken : regenerate hp and fp at an increased rate, level 6
heal : heal hp and fp instantly, requires a force bubble, level 12
transfer: transfer hp to fp on yourself or transfer fp to hp of the
target, level 18

Generally, healing is considered 'light side', and will slowly move
you towards a positive alignment, in case of transfer to an ever
more positive one, in the other cases to a fixed positive one.

Heal is special in alignment changes when healing someone who is
fighting, in which case it will cause a change toward the alignment
of the person being healed.

Attack enhancements:

spin : use the force to 'spin', only works with swords, sabers,
clubs and such, level 4
guide : use the force to guide whatever your weapon happens to
shoot, works on guns, blasters and such, level 4

Those techniques are considered moderately evil, and will cause a
slight lowering of your align. They work better with a negative
alignment and when having a force bubble.


focus : create a force shield, enhances your armour class for as
long as you have a force bubble. Slowly drains the force
bubble and its amount of protection depends on how much
fp is stored in the force bubble. Level 14
block : short term very high protection against any kind of attack,
level 20
confusion : makes it difficult for the target to fight or use the force,
level 16
meditation: helps you recover from confusion quickly, level 16

Focus and block are considered 'light side' techniques, confusion does
not cause any alignment changes, but is strongly dependent on extreme
alignment to work well. Meditation works similar to confusion with
regards to alignment.

Block gets a big bonus when having a strongly positive alignment.

Then there is the force bubble, which will help you in various ways.
The most obvious one is that it allows you to store and later retrieve fp.
Less obvious, but possibly way more usefull are the enhancement
the force bubble gives to some other force techniques, most notably
to the spin technique.

When you get extremely low on hitpoints or forcepoints, the force bubble
will use whatever is stored in it to do an emergency heal. This can be
a real lifesaver.

The force bubble is alignment neutral and you get it at level 10.