Way of the Force
For a long time, the founders of Way Of The Force have been involved
with Kobra, and when we started our own mud, we had a desire to have
many of the things which we believe made Kobra a nice mud. As a result
there are some strong similarities, including some areas you may
recognize and things behaving in a similar or identical way. However,
the underlying mudlib is not the same, and there are things that we
really wanted to change. As a result, there are some rather obvious
differences as well as many more subtle ones.

A short list of important differences with Kobra Star Wars Mud:

We have no reboots. That is, at times we do need to reboot the server
or the game environment, but this will not affect the state of the
game. Everything is preserved over a reboot, and after restarting the
game, everything just goes on as it was before the reboot, except for
all players being 'linkdead' untill they reconnect.

Also, when you quit, everything in your inventory will be kept and
will be there next time you login. Not only that, you will return
to the same location as where you typed quit (with a few exceptions).

Then, less obvious at times, but at least as important, we have an
entirely different combat system:

alpha, beta and gamma beams still exist but work slightly differently
Most notably, gamma does a bit less damage and is given at level 16
and beta and gamma beams have part of their damage depend on skills.

During combat you have many new force techniques available, depending
on your level. See 'help force' and the 'use' command. The later will
tell you what you have available when used without arguments.

Note that monsters have many of those techniques at their disposal as
well, and will make good use of them. Low level monsters will be similar
to what you are used to, higher level monsters can be quite a bit tougher
and more dangerous.

Space travel is somewhat simpler, and space combat does not exist.

Last but not least, some commands are different or simply don't exist.
Kobra: WOTF: Comments:
config charsetup Change the configuration of your character
feat/featlist use Similar in idea, entirely different in