Way of the Force

This mud is not a fully operational game, we are still testing
the system. While we believe we found most serious bugs in
the game, it is likely that some are still there, and we are
aware of a number of smaller, mostly cosmetic ones.

When encountering a bug, please use the 'bug' command to
report it.

Currently two planets are available for playing, and those
offer a complete game with playing possibilities for all levels


Way Of The Force is based on the ideas of the Star Wars universe
with some elements from other scifi stories.
This universe is filled with trillions of people of all kinds of
races, ranging from humanoids to droids.

The game uses a timeframe long after Emperor and Sith Lord Darth
Sidious has been killed, and long after Luke Skywalker lived.

Since the days of Luke, Jedi have again become the defenders of
the (new) Republic, and many of them are found in our galaxy.

Years after Darth Sidious died, the empire is clinging on to
life, but it has been in decay for centuries now. With the death
of Sidious the old Sith order collapsed, but many dark-side force
users have come in its place, many of which indentify with the
legacy of the Sith.

As a player of WOTF, you are one of the select group of people
who has the abbility to 'use the force', and your task is to
become a well trained user of the force, either on the light
side or on the dark side. Ultimately, you can become a master
in the Jedi council, even become its leader, or when you fall
for the dark side, you could become powerfull enough to rebuild
the Sith order and become its master.

Playing Way Of The Force

You will start out as a level 1 character with some beginners
equipment. The game will automatically 'wield' the weapon and
'wear' the armour for you, those things you will have to do
yourself for any equipment you may find or obtain and want to
use (as opposed to just carrying it around).

You can gain experience and credits by killing things, and
optionally selling the loot. Experience is required to advance
to a new level, optionally you can pay credits to compensate
for lacking experience when you try to advance.

Advancement is not automatic, you will have to goto an advancement
room, one of those is near the administrative office on Zone
(the planet where you start out on your quest here).

Note that the starting equipment is only available to those below
level 10


Before you start a fight, look at the npc to see if someone else
is already fighting it. Also, use the 'consider' command to get
some indication of the relative strength of the npc.

Use 'kill ' to attack an enemy.
During combat you can use the force to perform some usefull
actions. Which ones are available depends on your level and on
how well you explored the game.

Note that new players are protected against fighting things
that are way too big for them. This protection only applies
to players below level 5, and only when trying to fight things
more then 5 levels higher.


Healing is done by 'traditional' lpmud means, ie: food, drinks
and drugs. On top of that, you can use the force to speed up
your healing, or when you are powerfull enough, to heal yourself
or others directly.

There is a well known imperial bar on Zone 5. There might be others
around. A good shop for food is located in the commercial area of
Zone 4. How to obtain drugs is not something we are going to tell
you about..

The Force:

Little is known about what can be done with the force, but those
who saw people use it, generally talk about Force users being
able to speed up their attacks and healing, of providing extra
protection. Force users are said to be able to provide light to
their environment without efford, and of being able to use the
force to ward of death for a short time.

What is true, and how those things are achieved is for you to

Skills and attributes:

Attributes depend on your level, and will increase automatically
when you advance. The effectiveness of those attributes is somewhat
affected by race.

Skills are learned by usage. Ie, using a blaster will generally
increase your 'blaster' skill. Using any type of weapon will
increase your aim.

Skill increments are random, other then usage of specific items
or techniques, there is no direct way for you to affect your skills,
you cannot buy them for xp or credits.


Please read help levels

Guilds, orders and clans:

Various types of 'orders' are currently in development.

First of all, there are the Jedi and Sith orders. Those
are partially active (they actively track and recruit
players, but do not give any benefits yet)

Besides those two, there are the Imperial and New Republic armies and
various militia that a player can become a member of.

Those orders and organisations will give a bonus for one or more skill

Last but not least, there is a clan system in development. Clans are
player organized and offer a 'clan hall' in the form of a guarded
building or ship.

Usefull commands:

look : take a look at your environment
exa : examine the object named x
ww : see who is online
tell : tell a message to another player
comm : manage communications channels
say : say something to all players in the room you are in
[ : say something on a comms channel, ie '[gen Hello' will
make you say 'hello' on the general comms channel.
hfrep : enable/disable showing a hp/fp report during combat.
consider: gives a relative strength indication of your enemy. Note
that this is only reliable for very low level characters.
kill : attack an enemy
wield : use a weapon
wear : use a piece of armour
i : check your inventory
use : use the force in various ways
cmds : list available "global" commands

Most commands will give usage info when they need arguments but you
did not provide any.

Suitable areas for new players:

The entirety of Zone 2 is a dedicated newbie area, there is
also a dedicated newbie area near the landing area on Bastion.

Zone 1 and 3 also contain many kills suitable for new players.

Equipment storage:

Equipment in your inventory, together with all other items in it,
are saved between sessions.

For storing a limited number of extra items you can use your
private storage room, reachable through the transporter on Zone.
Use it to goto zone 0 and 'enter' there, you will end up in your
storage room.


For now, you can idle indefinitely, but you may find yourself being
attacked by npcs or even other players.