Way of the Force
There are no formal rules yet but the following applies

1. No harrassing of people.

If someone asks you to leave them alone, do so.

2. Public comms lines are 'public, no indecent talk please.

WOTF is open to people of all ages, please keep this in mind
and use private conversations or private channels for things
not suitable to minors.

3. Player killing:

Player killing is possible, but keep in mind rule 1.

4. Stealing

Stealing is possible, and other then trying to kill the thief,
you have no resort.

5. 'Cheats'

Cheats are anything that directly helps your character by taking
advantage of bugs or other flaws in the game. If you suspect a
possible cheat or are wondering about if something is a cheat,
please contact admin.

6. Admin is always right

Ok, we really do listen to what you have to say, and will use
it in our judgements, but in the end, what we say is final, and
not open for discussion. Its our place, you live by our rules.

7. Snooping, logging etc

Expect the game to log actions that directly affect your characters
stats, ie, changes in xp, money etc. Beyond that, what you kill, buy
and sell will also be logged, and areas may log that you enter them,
or perform quest related actions etc. Conversations will normally not
be logged, other then the replay history of the comms lines and tell

Logging of everything you do on here, including conversations, is
however possible and will be used to investigate cheating as defined
in rule 5 and harrassment as defined in rule 1.