Way of the Force

Skills are grouped together into skill groups.

The available skill groups are:

Group Affects
Close_combat : weapons for close range combat, ie: daggers, swords
Explosive : use of explosive devices
Force : using the force
Mechanical : using mechanical devices and vehicles, repairing them
Medical : using healing
Personal : interaction with npcs, bargaining etc.
Piloting : flying spaceships, driving vehicles
Ranged_combat : ranged weapons, ie: blasters, guns etc
Spying : obtaining information about others
Stealth : acting without being noticed

You can see the skills in each group by typing 'skills '

A skill can appear in more then one skillgroup, ie: aim is used by force,
close_combat and ranged_combat

Learning skills happens by using items, techniques and actions that make
use of skills, ie: using a blaster will increase your blaster skill and
fighting in general will increase your aim skill

The higher a skill gets, the more difficult it becomes to train it.