Way of the Force
Teams are created and managed with the 'team' command, typing
it without arguments will give information on using it.

All members of a team present during a kill by one of the team
members will share in the experience reward, even if they do not
directly participate in the fight (For example, they only heal
other players who are fighting)

Every team gets a special comms channel.

You can only be a member of one team at a time.

To create a team:

team new MyTeamName

To invite someone into your team:

team add

Only the team leader can add people to the team.

To remove someone from your team:

team remove

Only the team leader can remove people from the team.

To dissolve your team:

team dissolve

Only the team leader can dissolve the team.

To leave the team you are currently in:

team leave

To follow the team leader (or the current defender in combat)

team follow on

To display the status of all present team members:

team status

Defending and assisting your team:

The team has a list of defenders, those will take hits for
other team members. To add yourself to the list type
'team defend'. To stop defending without leaving the fight,
type 'team dstop'

With 'team assist' you can automatically join team fights.
This may not always be desirable for healers.

Normally, everyone who has enabled team follow will follow
the team leader. However, if the current defender in a team
fight decides to leave the fight, everyone with team follow
enabled will follow.

Team defense and wimpy mode:

When defending for a team, wimpy mode will work slightly

When you get below the wimpy level you set, you will try
to pass on defense to the next available defender. If that
fails, you will flee. If it succeeds, you will stay.

Some ways to use the team system:

With 2 players, you can opt to let one player do all the fighting,
and let the second player heal him. This may be more interesting
for level 18+ players, fighting together may work better at lower

With 3 or more players, there should be at least one dedicated
healer, whoms task it is to keep the current defender healed.

Ideally, a healer is at least a level 12, tho a level 6 can do
some basic healing in a team already.

One of the fighters should keep the healer quickened, and the
healer should concentrate on using healing on the defender,
hence it is a good idea to turn off team assist for a healer and
not have a healer also be a defender, since that means joining
the fight.

A team seldom needs more then two healers, more defenders makes
the team work better then more healers.