Way of the Force
Way Of The Force supports a variety of telnet clients and terminal types.

In most cases, the default settings will do, but for cases where they don't,
you can change some of the settings. Those changes will be saved with your

There are 4 commands that affect the terminal settings:

tset :

type can be one of:
- dumb : this is the most basic terminal support we have, no colours,
no screen controls.
- ansi : this is the default. colours and 'full screen' paged output.
- ansifs : this is highly experimental. 'Full Screen ansi' terminal gives
a status bar with some vital statistics and a seperate typing
area. Note that you MUST set chunk to be at least 2 smaller then
the number of lines that fit on your screen.

linemode :

Changes the behavior of the ansi terminal such that it never tries to
clear the screen or move the cursor to the top of the screen

argument: on or off. Will display current setting when no argument given.

colour :

Change the colours used by the ansi and ansifs terminal types
Valid colours are white, black, grey, green, cyan, magenta, red, yellow
You can prepend a colour with the letter b to make it bold/bright.

chunk :

How many lines of output should the mud send when in 'paged' mode?