Way of the Force


This packet is sent by an irn router to all other routers when it wants to communicate a change to the mudlist.
A router should only send mudlist changes for muds it is directly responsible for, ie, that are or were last connected to the router.


  (int),       // ttl
  (string),    // srcrouter
  (string),    // dstrouter
  (int),       // mudlist id
  (mapping)    // muddata

The muddata mapping contains mudnames as keys and a mapping of mud data as values. When a value is 0, it indicates removal of the mud.

The data mapping contains the following key:value pairs:

        // Unless noted otherwise, the fields correspond directly to
        // identically named fields in i3 startup-req and mudlist-reply
        // packets.
        "old_mudlist_id":(int),         // old_mudlist_id 
        "old_chanlist_id":(int),        // old_chanlist_id
        "player_port":(int),            // player_port 
        "imud_tcp_port":(int),          // intermud 3 tcp port (oob) 
        "imud_udp_port":(int),          // intermud 3 udp port 
        "mudlib":(string),              // mudlib 
        "base_mudlib":(string),         // base mudlib
        "driver":(string),              // driver
        "mud_type":(string),            // mud type
        "open_status":(string),         // open for playing? beta testing?
        "admin_email":(string),         // email address of admin contact
        "services":(mapping),           // mapping with services
        "other_data":(mapping),         // mapping with 'other data'
        "password":(int),               // the password for this mud
        "connect_time":(int),           // Most recent 'connect' from this mud, 0 when
                                        // not currently connected anywhere.
        "disconnect_time":(int),        // Most recent disconnect from this mud, 0 when
                                        // currently connected. 
        "name":(string),                // Yes, the name again.
        "ip":(string),                  // IP this mud is/was connected from.
        "version":(int),                // Intermud 3 version used by this mud (taken from the
                                        // 'X' in the startup-req-X packet received from that 
                                        // mud)
        "restart_delay":(int),          // -1 means connected, 0 disconnected, > 0 disconnected
                                        // and expected back in 'restart_delay' seconds.
        "router":(string)               // Name of the router this mud is connected to now or
                                        // was last connected to.

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